Two of the biggest real estate flippers in the country teach YOU the fundamentals of finding and closing real estate deals

If you're looking to build a million-dollar real estate portfolio but don't have millions of dollars to invest, you've come to the right page.

Dave Payerchin here. My partner RJ Pepino and I currently manage over 400 properties across the country with a total value of over $30,000,000. And we're going to teach you how to replicate our success.
RJ and I weren't born into massive wealth. We came from average middle class families just like you did. And yet here we are, with a combined net worth of 8 figures (and rapidly growing).

So how do you get into real estate with no money? It boils down to four points:
1- Build systems to attract motivated sellers
2- Negotiate with the sellers
3- Put the property under contract at a heavy discount
4- Have 3 or more possible exit strategies (including keeping the property long-term. Or selling the property immediately for a quick profit.

People often over-complicate these 4 steps, and this is exactly why I designed the Real Estate Fundamentals course. The course is designed to give you all of the information you need to start finding and closing incredible real estate deals so that you don't have to work a regular job ever again.

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Inside the Real Estate Fundamentals course you will find:

  • The "insider secrets" to attract qualified real estate deals to your inbox on autopilot (stop wasting time and energy doing thousands of cold calls per week!)
  • ​An ingenious way you can monetize every single lead that comes across your marketing pipeline
  • Four clever exit strategies you can use (the more ways you can deal with a property, the more versatile you'll be in tough market conditions. Many people insist on JUST learning to wholesale but then miss out on 75%+ or more deals that need a different exit strategy.)
  • ​How to protect yourself from nasty and exploitive contractors. (Good contractors are VITAL to your team, but you need to know how to sort the good from the bad.)
  • ​Several strategies that world-class real estate investors use to manage their property portfolio in a scalable way. (Flipping and wholesaling properties is profitable, but when you learn how to buy and hold, you can generate tremendous amounts of income almost completely passively!)
$297 (Normally $891.00!)
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ONE TIME OFFER: Buy all three of our courses for a discounted price! The Real Estate Fundamentals course is just one of the three main courses we teach. We also offer the Private Lending course and the Subject To course, each for $297. Bundle the three together for $750 and save $141!

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